A very ugly week for crude knocks prices back by $7/bbl despite no major oil-related news, the most since New Year rout, with both calendar and crack spreads joining the washout.
Assessing the ongoing recovery in aviation activity and jet fuel demand with high-frequency nowcast estimates
Weird Friday rout pulls crude lower on technical signals despite absence of relevant news, while now fully backwardated Brent futures curve better…
Liquids market balance tightened to a narrow surplus in November on the back of strong Asian demand growth and lower OPEC and Brazilian supply.
Another solid week for crude, up $2.40/bbl on further China reopening optimism, though the journey through the week was bumpy given hawkish Fed…
Comparing the outlooks and material forecast assumptions for the oil market in 2023 between major public forecasting agencies
Crude rose nearly $7/bbl for the best weekly performance in more than 3 months, but gains were driven more by the anticipation of future Chinese buying…
Updates along the US SPR's new and bumpy refill road
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